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The soc.culture.jewish reading lists are not to be reproduced for commercial use unless the party reproducing the reading lists agrees to the following:

  1. Use of latest version. They will contact the FAQ maintainer ( to obtain the latest version for their collection.

  2. Tell us where it is. They will provide the FAQ maintainer ( with information on what collection the copy of the reading lists are in, and how that collection may be obtained.

  3. No modifications. They will agree, in writing, that the reading lists will be included in the collection without modification, and that acknowledgements of contributors to the reading lists remain.

  4. Don't make money off of it. They will agree, in writing, that the collection including the reading lists will be distributed on either a non-profit basis, or have some percentage of profit donated to Tzedakah (Charity)

To support this, the reading lists are Compilation Copyright © 1993 through 2000 by Daniel P. Faigin (the FAQ maintainer).

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