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Question 21.7.3:
B'nai Mitzvah: What is appropriate dress to wear to the b'nai mitzvah ceremony?


Since the usual acknowledgment is by having a kiddush in the synagogue the Shabbat of the bar/bat mitzvah (when the child is called to the torah for the first time) appropriate dress is that to be worn to Synagogue. This means you should dress as if you were going to the house of someone you deeply respect. For men, suits or sportjackets (subdued) and slacks. Ladies should wear appropriate dresses. In traditional congregations, women should not wear pants, and the dress should be appropriately modest (covering the elbows, knees, and not low-cut in front).

In most congregations, when you arrive, men will be provided with a kipah (yarmulke) to wear (of course, if you have one, you may bring their own). In some, women also cover their heads; such congregations often provide a covering.

If you are unfamiliar with Jewish congregational services, follow the lead of others attending the services. Stand when they stand. You should have prayerbooks provided.

You should plan to arrive on time, but no more than 1/2 hour late.

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