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Question 20.12:
I'm interesting in ordering books or music on the internet. Where should I look?


With the growth of the Internet, there are now many, many, many retailers of both secular and Jewish products on the Internet. This FAQ cannot claim to list them all; however, we can identify some of the largest ones. Note that the FAQ makes no claim as to the quality of any of these services. They are likely all good, but the FAQ can provide no guarantees.

The line has blurred between book retailers and music retailers. In an effort to grow their business, many book retailers stock music and videos, and many music retailers stock books.

Secular Services

The following commercial concerns all provide a large selection of books and/or music, including a fair selection of Jewish books and/or music:

Jewish Retailers

The following retailers all provide a large selection of Jewish books and/or Music:


The following are publishers of Jewish Music or Jewish texts. You can often order directly from them. An additional source of Jewish Publishers is the Association of Jewish Book Publishers ( There is another list of publishers at Additionally, almost all "mainstream" publishing houses, such as Simon and Schuster (, Macmillan Publishers (, Doubleday (, another division of Random House), Random House (, Harper Collins (, among others, all offer popular Judaica in their catalogs.

Some good publishers that focus specifically on Judaica are:

The FAQ is a collection of documents that is an attempt to answer questions that are continually asked on the soc.culture.jewish family of newsgroups. It was written by cooperating laypeople from the various Judaic movements. You should not make any assumption as to accuracy and/or authoritativeness of the answers provided herein. In all cases, it is always best to consult a competent authority--your local rabbi is a good place to start.

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